Podcast #6: My mirth is larger than yours...

Thanks for tuning in. In this episode, I talk about Big Bottom Bourbon (Port Cask Finish), birthdays, smoking a pipe and keeping sexy in its place all while making smacking and swallowing noises.


Dave as always, great cast! I would say this when it comes to women that are sexy, sometime people say things are sexy because it's of a self interest that the guy has as well. Like I think women who go to movies theaters and watch movies to be sexy. There is a common interest there and girls that like that i would interested to talk to and would have good conversations with. Hit me up man we need to do dinner...and some Bourbon.

Judges? Okay, I'll allow it :-)

Dinner? Bourbon? Now you're speaking my love language? Although I don't think we can go to the movies together :-)

Mr. Martinez, great stuff man! This past weekend I was listening to your podcast on my commutes and I gotta hand it to you for entertaining me in the dreadful traffic I was in. You are so right about the topic of "sexy," and I am relieved that finally someone has used the platform of podcasting to speak out for those that are sick and tired of being called "sexy" because we possess seemingly insipid qualities; "sexy" has a specific set of characteristics. Your rant is totally justifiable and I appreciate your remarks. I'm assuming the article you read came from some sort of op-ed piece. It's annoying how op-eds are beginning to have this rusty pale milieu behind every one of their arguments. Anyways, I hope you check out this link: http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/27179/80369/

It was a young girl's blog. She's normally cool.

I just might have to look that beer up! Thanks!


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