Podcast #4: One more time with feeling...

Thanks for tuning in. In this episode I wax on about having shingles, using public toilets and people who have long checklists for potential spouses.

Pod-casting out devils!

Thanks for listening. In this episode, I reflect on podcasting (again), St. George Single Malt (lot 11), meeting Adam Carolla and how to conduct yourself in a rough neighborhood.

Podcast #2: okay, okay, let's try this one more time.

Thanks for listening. In this edition, I reflect on my last podcast, talk about McCarthy's Single Malt Whiskey, how we're weird about race in this country and self-proclaimed snobs.

My first podcast... just hanging in there

Thanks for tuning in. In this edition, I speak about why I wanted to start a podcast in the first place, being someone who's not into sports but kinda' wishes they were and why Stone Brewing doesn't "feel" like a micro brew anymore.



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