Podcast #24: Why Do I Bother?

Thanks for tuning in? In this episode, I cover why I'm still doing this, my trip to Cuba and the problem with introverts.

Podcast #23: With Special Guest, Scott Lucas of Sanctum Brewing!

Welcome back! Through a combination of illness, vacation, laziness, technical issues and neglect, I am posting this particular podcast over a month late! Scott talks about Sanctum and some new beers they came out with while I was getting my ish together. If you hurry down to Sanctum, you might still get to try a couple! If not, it's still a great place to get beer.

Podcast #22: Being a Dad

The wait is over, folks! David Martinez Podcast is back in action. In this episode, I speak almost entirely about being a new father.

Podcast #21: In Defense of Major Cities

Podcast time, folks! My wife was out, so I quickly threw together some impressions I had after visiting New York, Boston and Montreal. Please enjoy!

Podcast #20: Back in the Saddle Again

Thanks for tuning in. In this episode, I stumble my way through some words about having a baby, people who keep themselves in perpetual adolescence and why I don't read Wired Magazine anymore.

Podcast #19: The Adventure Continues

Greetings! In this episode, I spew some fairly inarticulately words about my newly-found love of vintage audio gear, my impressions of Virginia and the work ethic of millennials.

Podcast #18: 2015 Already Off to a Good Start

Thanks for listening! In this episode, I fumble through a few observations about Old Potrero 18th Century-Style Spirit, my impressions of Portland and people who are too politically opinionated. Enjoy!

Podcast #17: Ring in the new... beer?

Thanks for listening! In this episode, I welcome Joel D'Amico from Monkish Brewing in Torrance, California. Joel and I talk about the history of the brewery, their beers and taste a few in the process. Enjoy (I know I did).

Podcast #16: Podcast w/ Special guests Jason and Scott from Sanctum Brewing Company in Pomona, CA

Thanks for listening. In this episode, I welcome special guests Jason Stevens and Scott Lucas from Sanctum Brewing Company. In this episode, we talk about Sanctum Brewing, its history, beer making and how nothing is as addictive as heroin.

Podcast #15: Holidaze?

Thanks for tuning in. In this episode, I talked in an aimless fashion about my Thanksgiving, trying to be more self-forgetful and the problem with introverts.



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